“Wow! Wow! Okay Shannon, I don’t know what to say except wow, and thanks. You read the messages I needed to hear very clearly. You hit every question on the nail. You are really great at what you do. I don’t know how you do it, but it works for me. I thank you for the reading.”

B. C., Alexandria, LA

“I am a tough customer because I am also highly intuitive and acutely discerning about who is truly gifted with these skills and who has the gift of gab. Shannon is the real deal. I have done several readings with her. She is perceptive, compassionate, and detailed. I am always able to use the information and symbolism from her readings to make better decisions in my life. I highly recommend Shannon for intuitive guidance.”

Melanie Weller, Beyond Calm, LLC, www.beyondcalm.com

“I’ve had a few readings by Shannon. Each was a wonderful experience. She has so much detail and the information is spot on. You can feel her kindness and caring when she’s giving the reading to you. She is one of the people I value to give readings to me.”

B.B., Gretna, LA

“I’m so excited to see the launching of this website! I’ve had several readings from Shannon and have yet to be disappointed. All of my direct questions have been addressed, and often a message is given which sheds light on an issue I may not even be consciously aware of. Often my perception needs a little adjusting. The Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones seem to be able to do this through Shannon in a way that is clear and nonjudgmental. No doubt, guidance that is divinely inspired. I look forward to my next reading and know her readings with others will be great blessings in their lives as well.”


“Shannon is so awesome! If you want an Akashic Reading, she is definitely the person for you.  She is one of the most caring and compassionate  persons I know; her readings are detailed and very thorough.  You won’t be disappointed.”

Frank Trupiano LCSW PhD, www.Lifedimensions.net

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