What to expect during a reading


No two people have the same experience when opening the records, so it is best to try and go into the session with as few expectations as possible. During a reading, often it is not the message itself, but the beautiful and loving energy of the message that connects with and moves the receiver. What is commonly agreed upon is that characteristics of the Akashic energy are generally recognized as love, light, peace, power, beauty, harmony, joy, balance, and strength.  The Akashic Records must be experienced to be truly understood. There is a feeling of being known and loved, and there is never the feeling that you are being judged or rejected. In this atmosphere of unconditional love, hearts are opened and healing is allowed to take place on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. And so, in my experience, the records are an amazing source for self-development, personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment.


The Akashic Records are guarded and protected and they cannot be corrupted. A person must give expressed permission before their Records can even be accessed. Even then, should the Lords of the Records who are the protectors, determine the information requested is not in the Highest Good of the recipient this information will be withheld. Sometimes all of our questions don’t get answered.

At times, past life information comes up. If it does, it is possible to gain valuable information about how your past lives may be influencing you in life today. Sometimes it comes up but has nothing to do with the questions or problem at hand. When this happens, it is a novelty and a good conversation starter, but not really relevant to the issue being discussed. However, hold on to it as it may be relevant in the future.





I was trained to access the Akashic Records using your legal name and the Pathway Prayer Process©. A session begins with a brief centering/grounding or short meditation and as I recite the Pathway Prayer Process©, I shift out of ordinary human consciousness and into Divine Universal Consciousness. (You may or may not feel this shift.)   If we liken the Akashic Records to the World Wide Web, and a super computer, the Records are opened and the information is basically “downloaded” into my mind’s eye. I then pass that information on to you. I do not interpret the information; that is for you to do.

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